Board of Elders

Board of Elders 2014.jpg

The Board of Elders at Steele Heights Baptist Church (SHBC) exists to provide spiritual direction and maintain Godly order for the ministries of SHBC. It consists of 6-9 members who meet the character qualifications listed in (1 Timothy 3:1-7 & Titus 1:5-9) and are appointed by the church membership. They serve two year terms but are allowed to serve multiple terms if they are re-nominated and approved by the church membership. The Elders meet regularly to pray, administrate and to equip Pastor Darren and the rest of the Pastoral Staff.  Along with the Pastors, the Elders pray specifically for healing or other personal, family or church concerns.


Those serving as Elders for the 2016-17 Ministry Year are: Kevin Hanna, Edgar Semler, Paul Gabbey, Peter Fehler, Pastor Darren, Gerson Perez and Pat Murray.