Outreach Ministries

Local Outreach

mosaic1.jpgMosaic Centre

Mosaic Centre is a Christian based health and wellness centre responding to the needs of people experiencing poverty, hunger, homelessness or at risk of becoming homeless, in the community of North Edmonton. We offer an open door and believe that all people are entitled to a full measure of dignity, respect and compassion. We know that through building healthy relationships people can be encouraged and mentored towards safe and healthy lives. We offer many services to enable people to have the simplest basic needs to assistance with jobs, healthy choices and housing. We partner with Trinity CRC, Emmaus Lutheran Church and E4C.

community dinner5.jpg

Community Dinner

We serve the community through a Free Community Dinner on the 2nd Friday of each month September to May. We want to provide warm, nutritious meals to people in our surrounding neighborhood. It’s always a great time of meeting together, enjoying a delicious meal and great conversation. There are clothing and household items as well and everyone is welcome.


Breakfast Club.jpg

Breakfast Club

The Breakfast Club offers students at ME LaZerte High School a nutritious breakfast to start their academic day.  We hope to build community and relationships by listening, laughing, cooking and caring.  The breakfast is held each Thursday at 7am in the Food Science room.  Volunteer commitment is approximately 2 hours a week October through May. For more information or to learn how you can volunteer in this important ministry, contact Pastor Darren.


NE Summer Festival.jpg

NE Summer Festival

The North East Community Summer Festival is an open-crowd festival with lots of fun things to do, including balloon sculpting, beading, box hockey, painting, arts and crafts, woodworking and best of all, centre games. The two day festival is held annually in the third week of June and is about fun, engagement, cooperation and community. Hundreds of families have joined us over the past few years and we're hoping you will too.


World Wide Ministries

Not only do we look to reach out to our local community, we recognize that we have all been called to a broader service within our world. Our vision moves us to act locally and at the same time make a difference globally. Serving clearly benefits the recipient; however, many servants have also experienced a profound sense of God moving in their own lives as a result of their willingness to go. Through our support of individuals and various agencies, our Church has the privilege of touching lives around the world with a longer term focus including the Asia-Pacific region, Cameroon, Benin, China and South and Central America. We also place an emphasis towards the short term projects where participants experience ministry in disadvantaged areas of the world. These encounters help crystallize areas of service for those who have gone – some leading to longer term initiatives, others to greater participation in the local church ministry. Two organizations we have worked with over the last decade and continue to support are the Chain of Love Orphanage in Novo Hamburgo, Brazil and Verbo School in Bluefields, Nicaragua. If you are interested in finding out more information about these ministries or how you can get involved contact Pastor Darren.



 * Disclaimer: Some information may be withheld.


Elsie Lewandowski

North American Baptist Conference

Missionary to Cameroon

Elsie has always been an active worker for the Lord.  In high school, she served as the Youth for Christ representative on the city council.  While at college, she taught a junior high Sunday school class and has served as Sunday school superintendent, missions representative on the Mission Conference Committee, secretary for the Christian education board, teacher in Vacation Bible School, junior church leader, camp counselor, and coordinator.

Elsie considers the Lord her daily strength: "I need the Lord daily in order to be the best at what I do.  I am in awe that He loves me and want to use me with all my failures and weaknesses.  I have much to learn, but I have seen miracles.  He does change hearts and attitudes.  He has His own timetable and needs not be rushed."

Elsie serves as a supervisor and teacher in the Field Education System for missionary children.  She's been serving in Cameroon since 1999, and working as a missionary since 1987.


Dave and Barb Pasechnik

Reach Beyond 

Assistant to the President

Dave and Barb have been with the mission since December of 1973, and love the fact that they not only tell people about the love of God via radio and internet, but show people the love of God via health care ministries. That activity is now known as "being the voice and hands of Jesus”.

In the nineties they began to put local radio stations in with strategic partners and reach people right in their communities, thus helping the local church to grow. It was Dave’s privilege to help start this part of the ministry. The first radio plants where in Estonia, Romania and Democratic republic of the Congo back in 1992 and these same stations are still on the air 23 years later, still broadcasting the gospel of Jesus Christ. Since those first stations, over 500 local stations have been placed in over 100 countries, helping local Christians reach their communities for Christ. This "Radio planting" has become known at being the "voice".

The ministry has expanded with medical training, community health, clean water wells and disaster relief around the world, trying to meet all kinds of health issues. Thus, being the "hands".

Dave and Barb want to help people who don't know how much God loves them find out, especially those who have never heard.


Lyndell Campbell

North American Baptist Conference

Missionary to Brazil

As a young adult, Lyndell began to sense that God was calling her into full-time ministry. Upon completion of her master’s degree in Student Development at Providence Seminary, she returned to North American Baptist College as Associate Dean of Students and after a short time, Interim Dean of Students.  Lyndell lead 2 short-term missions teams made up of college students to India and Belarus.  Through these experiences, God began to confirm that He was calling her to be a cross-cultural missionary.

In 2001, Lyndell received an invitation to take over for retiring missionaries in southern Brazil. One of Lyndell’s greatest joys has been mentoring young women who are called into full-time ministry.  In 2009, Lyndell met her future husband, Paulo André Réquia, a Brazilian who was in training for full-time ministry.  They married in 2010 and have been involved in church planting ever since. 

As Lyndell reflects on these last 10 years as a missionary in Brazil she is both grateful to the many churches and friends who have faithfully supported her and prayed for her.  And she is amazed by our great God who has taught her so much about herself and His Kingdom work.

Grace & Robert1.JPG

Robert Plante

The Jesus File Church Planting Strategy

Church Planting Coordinator

Robert became a disciple of Jesus Christ during his high school years in northern Alberta. Wanting to learn more about his new Christian faith he decided to attend Northwest Baptist Theological College in Vancouver BC and graduated with a Bachelor of Theology degree. While attending college Robert met and married Grace who has been his faithful wife and ministry partner for the last 40 years.They joined PTC in 2004 as Project Coordinators for the JESUS Film Project, Canada.

In 2010, Robert transitioned into a Church Planting Coordinator position with the JESUS Film Church Planting Strategy and is now helping to train, equip, and supervise church planting teams in the African countries of Liberia, Sierra Leone, Benin, Tanzania and Togo. In appreciation to God he gratefully acknowledges that “since he became a disciple of Jesus Christ it has been his desire to help others to discover Jesus, to see them experience a life-altering relationship with God, and to inspire them to extend the love of God to others. What a blessing it is to witness how God continues to transform the lives of so many through the ministry of the Jesus Film Church Planting Strategy.”



Chain of Love.jpg    Chain of Love Orphanage 

 Verbo School.jpg    Verbo, Bluefields, Nicaragua


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