Parent Information

Our aim in Student Ministries is to fulfill the greater purpose of SHBC in moving people to extraordinary life in Christ through a variety of ways. We seek to do this through a variety of ministries from outreach to leadership development.

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Common Parent Traps 

Gospel Powered Parenting – A must read for every Mom and Dad that loves Jesus!

Focus on the Family Parenting - This is a good site for general parenting information.

Center for Parent Youth Understanding 

Youth Transition Network – American in content but this site has some good info to help you help your child transition into college.

Safe Eyes – A great software to help you guard your kids from the dangers on the net.

How We View Our Children Determines How We Disciple Them



After School Drop-In

Steele Heights Baptist Church has been able to have a somewhat unique and excite opportunity to serve Steele Heights Junior High and the McLeod Community.  In October of 2009 a few Junior High students were hanging out on the front steps of the church and (senior) Pastor Darren offered them some doughnuts that were leftover from a meeting.  Of course the snacks were gladly received, and the next day the guys were back in search of some more snacks.  From that point (youth) Pastor Mike was opening up the lobby of the church to a growing number of junior high school students in search of a safe place to be and some goodies didn’t hurt either. 

We are glad to be able to meet a real need in our community by opening up our church to the, primarily, Steele Heights School students.  We provide a safe encouraging place for young people to come and spend some time on Wednesdays and Thursdays after school (2:45-4:00).  As of this fall we have seen around 100 students come and spend some time.  With this amount of students we have usually a staff of 4-7 adults on hand to serve food and engage students in conversation. 

We are open to students of all faith backgrounds and points of view.  We do not hold Bible studies or preach a sermon, that was not what it started as so we will not change it, we simply provide a safe place for kids to be kids.  That being said we do remind the students that foul language will not be tolerated and that they need to treat the church, the volunteers and one another with respect.  

If you would like more information on the Drop In program please contact the office.