About Us





McLeod Community Out-of School Care is a safe and fun place including instruction from the Bible, emphasizing values of love, cooperation, sharing, respect, and responsibility.


1. Spiritual needs are met through daily prayer, Bible stories, weekly devotions with a pastor and music. Providing OSC children with their own Bible and preschoolers with their own picture Bible to take home during the course of the year is also a part of meeting this spiritual need.
2. Social needs will be met by children playing and learning together in large and small groups. Involvement in dramatic play, construction, games, arts & crafts, music, and sports will enhance the children’s abilities to develop socially.
3. Physical needs will be met by children having a balance of organized and unstructured recreational times in the gym and/or playground each day. Nutritious snacks will be provided to enhance the physical health of children.
4. Intellectual needs will be met by caring adults assisting children in completing their homework and challenging them in life skill areas, such as sewing, cooking, woodworking, and finance. Educational games will be available for children to use on a daily basis.
5. Creative needs will be met by providing children opportunities with art, drama, music, and storytelling.
6. Emotional needs will be met by developing encouraging, positive relationships with children and allowing children freedom to express their opinions. Children will be encouraged to communicate respectfully to each other and with adults.