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The Ark

For the story of Noah and the Ark, read Genesis 6-9


The Armory

To learn more about the armor of God, read Ephesians 6:10-18


The Gym

The gym is used for several purposes, the most prominent ones being snack and gross motor activities which occur daily. We are very fortunate to have an area where the children can run around freely and creatively. The center has been blessed with a wide range of toys and equipment for the children to use within the gym.



The Red Sea

To learn more about the Exodus and the Red Sea, read Exodus 14:15-31

The Den

To learn more about Daniel and the Lion's Den, read Daniel 6

The Boot Room

Place your boots here and come on in!



 Housekeeping / dramatic play

Book Centre/Quiet Area

Manipulative centers

Arts and Crafts

Science and Nature

Sand and/or water

Gym with all proper equipment and supervision

Outdoor playground